Integrative Content Director


Marketing in today’s world requires a multi-dimensional approach that includes a strategic mix of traditional & interactive marketing, social networking and creative energy. Gone are the days that saw companies wing it without a Website and a hope that the Yellow Pages and newspaper ads were going to drive them to success.

This is an exciting time for business owners!

Like never before, you have the opportunity to differentiate your products and brands while sharing them with a much larger audience. By “going bold” and sharing your passion for your products and services, you can reap benefits like never before.

It is my philosophy that in order to reap those benefits, you must:

(1) Invest in your Web presence.

(2) Re-evaluate your use of traditional marketing practices and fine-tune them.

(3) Passionately share your story and the significance of your products/services.

(4) Develop marketing strategies that are closest to the dollar. (Too many times, we  invest in “fluffy” marketing projects that make our products & services look cute. But in today’s economic climate, it is of vital importance to invest in projects that drive sales or increase the bottom line.)

– – –

I’ll never forget the words of  my marketing mentor in 2002. I was working to market a product that wasn’t selling as my team had hoped. In a heated debate with my boss & mentor, I said, “If only we had a better feature set…then we’d make more sales.” His response to my comment changed my perspective on marketing forever. He responded, “Jen…think of your least favorite car on the market.” I named my least favorite and backed up my choice with ten or more reasons as to why it was my least favorite – “it’s boxy, ugly, resembles a car that my grandpa would drive, a gas guzzler, and equipped with a horrible, tasteless interior” and so on… “Regardless of your opinion, do you see many on the road?” he asked. My answer was a resounding, “yes.” “So someone is doing something right,” he said. “Feature sets aren’t everything – brand positioning is every bit as important.” Take what you will from his words, but what I learned  as a young marketing associate is that we may not be able to offer “the best” products on the market, but we have every opportunity to position our products with passion and ingenuity; identify the correct target market; and finally dare to be bold!